Excelitas Technologies eliminates thousands of spreadsheets with Anaplan

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Excelitas Technologies, provider of photonic innovations for a wide range of industries, managed its complex sales forecast with a homegrown Salesforce application and thousands of spreadsheets, resulting in a slow, rigid process that couldn’t keep up with a changing market. With Anaplan, sales forecasting is more agile and productive, and the sales finance team can rapidly adjust plans as business conditions change.

We really want to make sure [the] solution we design has some intelligence built into it, and Anaplan allows us to do that for our sales forecasting, supply chain planning, and other core business processes.

Amit Shah, Chief Information Officer


Excelitas managed sales forecasting using a combination of an in-house designed Salesforce application and thousands of disparate spreadsheets. Silos across Excel® and other enterprise applications couldn’t deliver the flexibility, speed, or agility the sales team needed to respond to fluctuating market conditions. To keep pace with the continuous flow of innovation, the organization began to look for a scalable platform that could adapt to its business model.


Through a partnership with BetterVu, Excelitas implemented the Anaplan platform in just 10 weeks and quickly saw a boost in productivity. Shifting from Excel to a cloud-based platform, the sales team gained the ability to easily access, analyze, and refine their sales data. By replacing error-prone spreadsheets scattered across the enterprise, the organization empowered its sales team with a modular tool that worked for them, without significant assistance from an IT organization.


Before Anaplan, Excelitas’ sales forecasting process was overly time-consuming, as the sales team had to email large spreadsheet files back and forth to make updates to models. Now, the process is far more agile and productive. In a technology industry that’s constantly changing, implementing the Anaplan platform has helped Excelitas evolve with its customers, create value fast, and drive intelligent decision-making. And in an era when predictability is huge, Excelitas can now effectively compare forecasts to reality and improve upon the output.

Why Anaplan

Excelitas管理团队认为三种技术nology vendors but ultimately chose to implement Anaplan because of its scalability, flexibility, and speedy time-to-value. With Anaplan, the organization can build applications that fit its business model, rather than have to fit its business model into the mold of rigid out-of-the-box technology.